Finding the best Assisted Living facility or personal care home for your loved one can be a very grueling task, one that requires lots of discussion and research. The most effective way to learn and become acquainted with a facility is to take a tour of it. Below is a list of advice and tips to make the most out of your tour of an Assisted Living community or Personal Care Home.



  • Come prepared with questions: Before your tour begins, think ahead of time about things that are the most important to both you and your loved one to have in an Assisted Living facility or personal care home. Be sure to write out a list of questions that you need answers to, to ensure that you don’t forget things you want to ask upon arrival. Pack a pen and paper, or a notepad in a phone/tablet so you can take notes as you tour.




  • Ask for a thorough list of all finances and costs: If you plan on touring several Assisted Living facilities and personal care homes, it is crucial that you get a comprehensive, detailed listing of all costs. There are two main types of pricing models that Assisted Living facilities and personal care homes typically offer – a la carte, in which the price changes for each service that your loved one requires, and all-inclusive, where the pricing is the same monthly regardless of the levels of care needed. Be sure to fully understand which pricing model is used, and exactly what price will be paid monthly to the facility, so you can be assured that you are making the most educated decision.




  • Ask about the staff and caregivers: The staff at an Assisted Living facility or personal care home are the people who will be providing support and care for your loved one for their time living in the community. What types of positions are the staff at this facility? What types of licenses and trainings do the staff have to have? What is the staff-to-resident ratio? Does the staff at this facility coordinate individualized care for each specific resident?




  • Talk to the current residents: A chat with the residents that currently live in the Assisted Living facility or personal care home can provide you with information you may not be able to receive from simply asking the staff about them. These are the people that your loved one would be spending a lot of time with and forming acquaintances with. Some great questions to ask the residents are: how long have you lived here? Do you enjoy living here? What is your day-to-day like living in this community?




  • Explore the town and area outside of the facility: Observe the surrounding area that the facility resides in, and see what types of shopping, restaurants, and other enrichment opportunities exist within the town. Many Assisted Living facilities and personal care homes offer day trips, so it is important to see what life looks like outside the community. Similarly, take note of the medical facilities in the region – are your loved ones regular healthcare providers already in the area, or will they have to switch to new ones nearby?


Brookside Commerce Senior Living located in Commerce, Georgia provides a welcoming community for residents who need assistance with daily activities, medication management and personal care. Brookside Commerce also provides services for those with Alzheimers and dementia. Brookside Commerce is an all-inclusive, private pay senior living community serving Commerce, Athens, Braselton, Jefferson, Atlanta, Jackson County and beyond. To discuss senior living options please email or call (706) 336-5848.