Starting the discussion with an elderly loved one about potentially considering the move to an Assisted Living facility or personal care home can be extremely difficult, stressful, and emotional for all parties involved.  It can be very tough for a senior adult to admit they need help with daily tasks, and almost equally as difficult for the loved one of said senior to address the warning signs they may have noticed. The conversation around moving a senior into an Assisted Living facility or personal care home is not something to be taken lightly, but there are several steps that can be taken to ensure that the dialogue goes more smoothly, and concerns can be appropriately addressed.


Discuss with other family members or loved ones first: If you have siblings, aunts, uncles, or any other loved ones that are an integral part of the senior’s life, it’s crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page. Having everyone in agreement will help to provide comfort to your loved one while having the discussion with them.


Do not wait for emergency to have the conversation: It is imperative that you start to ease into the conversation early, when you first start to notice things that may indicate a decline in a senior’s wellbeing, such as inability to keep up with daily tasks, housekeeping, laundry, and difficulty with mobility. Don’t wait for a crucial medical issue or emergency to force you into making a decision on an Assisted Living facility or personal care home – having to make a choice during a time of crisis can leave you with not enough time to do proper research into several communities to see which one would be the best fit for your loved one.


Keep your loved one involved in the discussion: In order to ensure that the dialogue about moved your loved one into an Assisted Living facility or personal care home remains positive, keep the conversation two-sided and truly listen to their concerns. Including them fully into the discussion and ensuring that their questions and emotions are addressed will lead to a more positive outcome for both you and your loved one.


Be patient: Understand that the idea of moving to an Assisted Living facility or personal care home and moving out of their own home is a major uprooting in a senior’s life, so it may be difficult for them to comprehend, especially if they are dealing with issues like memory loss, forgetfulness, or other health issues. It is crucial to have empathy in this situation, and put yourself in your loved ones shoes if you start to feel frustrated. Remember – the conversation will only become more problematic if you are frustrated, tense or impatient.

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